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Which stream is best for UPSC Civil Service Exam Preparation?

Students studying in 10th, 12th class or college first year & aspiring to become IAS are mostly confused regarding their stream & subject selection as they relate it with the UPSC CSE preparation.

Students who are presently studying in school or are about to join any graduate colleges, thinking about pursuing their career in UPSC Civil Services must have got the Impressions from Important sources.

Those sources can be family members who are in government associations, civil servants that would have convinced their will to begin studying for the UPSC IAS Exam from an early age. 

Still, starting beforehand just does not give them an early bird advantage and time, since Aspirants have to take references from NCERT books, and utmost of the syllabus is based on the Ncert textbooks. Thus it’s necessary for similar Students to gain knowledge and clarify the concepts from an early age.

If you’re looking for the Best Stream for UPSC IAS Exam, concentrate on the subjects of the UPSC syllabus. Opt for the subjects during your graduation, so that you can gain maximum proficiency during your graduation and can stretch your scores as far as possible.

To identify your strengths and depth of knowledge that will help you choose which course is best for UPSC – IAS. 

Aspirants who would have decided for Science or engineering background can choose the UPSC Optional subject which would their intellect and interest them the most.

 Every count of time matters when Students are chasing after a bigger picture which requires a hefty amount of effort and dedication. It’s very important for aspirants to conceptually gain a province for subjects they do not have any pre-requisite knowledge of.

But, still, you need to only pass degree and you must have only degree from any field, it means you can take any Stream as your Graduation for cracking UPSC Civil Service Exam.

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