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Best UPSC Coaching

July 28, 2022 103 people Latest news

Ghaziabad IAS Academy is the only IAS Academy founded by a team of former civil servants. These accomplished former bureaucrats joined together to guide and inspire the next generation of civil servants. Ghaziabad IAS Academy prides itself on having a team of officers to help its students achieve what they themselves have. The mentoring students receive from officers is the core strength of Ghaziabad IAS Academy's Gurukul system. The gurus are personally invested in seeing that their pupil surpass them with the help of their knowledge and experiences. When combined with Ghaziabad IAS Academy's rigorous academic standard, providing individual feedback and mentoring, we create exceptional Officers out of aspirants. The enduring purpose of Ghaziabad IAS Academy is to create civil servants who have the knowledge needed to make the right call and the integrity and compassion to follow through. We develop people who stand as impartial, just, and profoundly benevolent Officers.

  • Best UPSC Coaching in ghaziabad
  • Best UPSC Coaching in indirapuram
  • UPSC Coaching in ghaziabad

For more details please contact us at 8851330108.

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