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Every serious candidate who enters UPSC battlefield, dreams of securing All-India Rank-1. And, although all UPSC toppers claim that they had no idea they will secure Rank-1, the reality is they leave no stone unturned in their preparation.

Apart from maintaining discipline, working smart and hard, relentless practice, a well-thought out strategy and time management, you need to be filled with a burning desire, hunger and restlessness.

One must know his strengths and weaknesses accurately to get a top rank or any rank for that matter. Patience and an undaunted self-belief are a must have.

How you can also get an All India Rank-1 and top the list?

  • Firstly, you need to forget the thought of getting rank 1 or this cadre, that service, big house, big cars etc.
  • Know your strengths/ weaknesses/ likes/ dislikes. This will help you in formulating a strategy that works for you.
  • Devise a strategy and stick to it, unless it is not working for you.
  • Focus on the preparation part, more importantly enjoy it.
  • Choose the right optional- one which you enjoy thoroughly, in which you can score well, which takes the saturation off you and refreshes your mood.
  • Develop tactics for each and every part of your preparation.
  • Be clear about the exam pattern, syllabus and the demand of UPSC.
  • Don’t be distracted, always be inquisitive in your approach.
  • Most importantly, don’t waste time. Even if you get 5 minutes, try utilizing it in studies.
  • Revise each and every topic multiple times.
  • Avoid unnecessary opinions of people (who give you negative vibes) around you.
  • Start your preparation and start with NCERTs- most aspirants fail to even start their preparation. This results in lot of despair. Our focus should be start preparing somewhere and not stop.
  • Revise your class notes. If you are doing it, you are already at the upper hand.
  • Focus on both GS and Optional adequately. Give both of them ample time.
  • Calm your minds. Practice meditation.
  • Develop a mechanism to monitor you in case you are deviating from your goal.
  • Practice as much mock tests and as much answer writing as you can.

In the end, getting All-India rank 1 is a cumulative outcome of many checks and balances. You need to make sure that you’re on the right track and you need to do that often.

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