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LBSNAA stands for Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. It is located in Mussoorie and is a top training center for Civil Services in India. Moreover, the head of LBSNAA is a director who is equivalent to a secretary to the Indian govt. Also, LBSNAA is an attached office of the Department of Personnel, Government of India. Also, all civil service officers get training at LBSNAA. In short, UPSC conducts a common exam for all services like IAS and IPS, and selected candidates train together for three months under a common foundation course. Later, they shift to different places according to their services. LBSNAA also holds workshops and seminars from time to time. All fitness and physical activities happen at weekends where the trainee goes for the trekking and much more. After the complete training, successful trainees get an M.A degree in Public Management.

Table of Contents

  1. Directors of Training Center LBSNAA
    • Location and activities
    • History – Training Center LBSNAA
    • Timeline of the developments of LBSNAA
    • LBSNAA Ideals – Training Center LBSNAA
  3. Facts
  4. Academy Song
  5. Training at Training Center LBSNAA
    • Foundation course
    • Bharat Darshan
    • Phase I
    • District training
    • Phase II
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Confirmation
  6. Facilities – Training Center LBSNAA
  7. Rules – Training Center LBSNAA
  8. Assessment of the Training
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ Regarding Training Centre LBSNAA

Directors of Training Center LBSNAA

Below is the list of directors who look over the activities at LBSNAA –

24Dr. Sanjeev Chopra1 January 2019IncumbentIAS
6Rajeshwar Prasad11 May 197311 April 1977IAS
1A.N. Jha1 September 195930 September 1962ICS

The 1st director at LBSNAA was A.N. Jha. So in his memory, there is an A N Jha Plaza which happens to be the most visited spot in the academy. Further, Indian Civil Services was renamed as Indian Administrative Services after the British left. So, the first IAS officer as the director of LBSNAA was Rajeshwar Prasad. Furthermore, Dr. Sanjeev Chopra is the current serving director at LBSNAA.


LBSNAA is the dream destination of aspiring IAS officers. They are trained and taught public handling related matters. They also get involved in sports, dance, singing, etc. Let us further know more about this place.

Location and activities

The center is 6580 feet above the sea level and expanded widely. The Training Center LBSNAA spreads over 185 acres. Also, the center offers services like gym, tennis court, horse riding, etc. A day at LBSNAA starts at 6 AM because it will instill discipline and the training takes time. Also, an early start will help the future officers to make the most out of the academy during their stay.

History - Training Center LBSNAA

After clearing the tough UPSC exam, the candidates undergo a 2-year training process under LBSNAA. The concept of LBSNAA was built on the 15th of April 1958 when Home Minister announced that a training center would be set up for Civil Service Officers. On 1st September 1959, the training center was set up at Metcalfe House, where the first batch of officers was trained. However, the academy’s name has been changed twice.

  • On October 1972, it became Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration.
  • On July 1973, it was renamed as Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).

Timeline of the developments of LBSNAA

15th April 1958Home Minister announcement in the Lok Sabha.
13th April 1959Training of the first batch of officers (115 officers) commences in Metcalfe House
1st September 1959Academy shifted to Mussoorie at Charleville Hotel.
Inception to 31st August 1970Academy functions under Home Ministry.
1st September 1970 to April 1977Academy functions under Cabinet Secretariat Affairs Department.
October 1972Name changed to Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration.
July 1973Name changed to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).
April 1977 to March 1985Academy functions under Home Ministry.
April 1985 till dateAcademy functions under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions.
1988NICTU was established.
1989National Society for Promotion of Development Administration, Research and Training (NSDART) established.
3rd November 1992Inauguration of Karamshila building.
1995Softrain, now known as Publication Cell established.
9th August 1996Inauguration of Dhruvshila and Kalindi Guest House.
14th October 1996NSDART made Society under Societies Registration Act, now known as National Institute of Administrative Research (NIAR).
2011Buildings Gyanshila, Silverwood and Valley View were built.
21st June 2013Inauguration of Brahmaputra building.
29th June 2015Inauguration of Adharshila building.